Is piwik a good fit for us?


I run a SAAS ( whereby our clients install our widget on their site. We’d like to start tracking the use of the widget by their users, and be able to show the site owner analytics for just their widget.
Things like:
[li] Tab opens (there are multiple tabs)
[/li][li] Article view (there are multiple articles)
[/li][li] Support tickets created
[/li][li] etc

What I’m wondering is, is Piwik a good fit for us, will we be able track the usage of the tab, then be able to relay these analytics for just their tab back to the site owner, as well as integrate that information with our own data to get things like the name of the article that was displayed.

Hi there,

Sure PIwik is a great fit for this use case. See in particular: Event Tracking - Analytics Platform - Matomo which you can use to track any action by your users.

@duellsy Hi Duesllsy, we’re facing the same challenge. Curious to know if Piwki worked for you. Thank you!