Is Matomo better than Google Analytics?

I want to shift my website to Matomo, need real reviews from those who already using it, I can’t take risk and I have no enough time to try it without recommendation, I think it is the right place to gather suggestion about matomo. I already heard about it and many people shared positive reviews on other platform so i decided to move on it, I need final review from here from real users.

On this forum you meet people who use Matomo, so we are the fan crowd I guess. You are asking me? Matomo is great. We are using the cloud hosted version, so it’s not “free”, but it’s surely worth it! Like every other complex program, you have to learn how to use it (on this forum you might get some help), and you have to set it up.
I can surely recommend Matomo.

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It depends what you want. In the last years many companies switchet from Google Analytics to Matomo for privacy reasons.Google Analytics is now not allowed in Austria and France. But Google Analytics has more because it exists in a gigantic data universum. Matomo will never be able, for example, to list the interests of visitors. Google can do this because they know what they were searching. Few things you have in Google are not free in Matomo, as custom reports, or the import of Search Console Data.
But Matomo has also striking advantages as privacy (some of it you will loose in the cloud version), log files analysis, a standalone Tag Manager (could be the killer app of the next years) and much more. As much as I see in my seminars on both systems, the tendency goes from Analytics to the usage of Matomo.
Hope that helps


What are the reports / use cases that fits your Google Analysis typical usage?