Is it possible to use Google Analytics importer with the Matomo Wordpress plugin?

It would be great if we could import our previous GA data, but we are using the Matomo Wordpress plugin. When I go to the Admin section, I don’t see the option Google Analytics Import on the left menu. Do I need to install a separate plugin for this, or is a GA import currently only possible with Matomo on-premise?


This isn’t possible yet, but maybe it will be possible in the future (not sure about the feasability).

Hi Lukas, I understand, thanks for your response.

@rvlak we’re actively working right now on making pretty much all Matomo plugins compatible with WordPress and we’re also working on a plugin to easily install plugins from the Matomo Marketplace in WordPress: GitHub - matomo-org/matomo-marketplace-for-wordpress: Keep plugins from the Matomo Marketplace up to date in your WordPress with the convenience of a click. Get notified on new updates.

We haven’t specifically tested if GA importer will work, but I’m not seeing any reason why it shouldn’t work (GA importer may require shell_exec or so to be enabled though which it is default). I reckon end next week or the week after we should be having all Marketplace plugins ready.

Whoohoo, that would be fantastic! Really great work, guys! #forevergrateful