Is it possible to transfer ownership of a segment to another user?


  • I am a system admin supporting Matomo 3.7.0.

  • We have a regular user that created/owns a segment, but is moving to another team.

  • The segment owner wants to transfer the ownership of his segment(s) to other regular user(s). (He/they do NOT want the segment to be visible by all users.)

  • I found an answer to a pseudo related question in the forum, about changing the ownership of a segment from a regular user, to a super user, by manually modifying the owner in the piwik_segment table, but the answer was dated Oct 2014.


  • Has anything changed since Oct 2014? Is there a “segment transfer” feature available now that we could use? Or, can manually change the owner (login) from user-a to user-b in the piwik_segment table without messing up Matomo!?!?

Thank You in advance!