Is it possible to host Matomo in my pc?

Hi! I am new to Matomo. I wanted to know if it possible for me to host Matomo in my local pc? Does Matomo continue checking my sites for views if I shut down my pc?


The only requirement is that the people who visit the website need to be able to reach the webserver running Matomo: So if the computer is shut down, it can’t work. And if your computer isn’t reachable from the internet, it can’t work.

Then where could I host Matomo with no cost? Is it possible to host it on static site hosting? Like github pages?

A static site hosting won’t work as you need PHP and MySQL on the backend to handle the data and report generation.
I’m not sure if there is anyone who will provide you with that for free as it will create cost for them

Is it possible to host it on Awardspace? Does it cost many bandwidth?


I don’t know Awardspace, but it doesn’t seem impossible.
The traffic used should be pretty low unless you are tracking a large amount of visitors. (in which case you will probably also get other issues with free offers)

Awardspace can host php and mysql code like the other hosting but it is free!

Is it needed to configure Matomo or I could just install it on the hosting?

There is some configuration: Manage Access to files with .htaccess, configuration of the database access, etc.

Does I require to set it up or I could just don’t mind it is public.

does I needed to host Matomo in the same hosting as the website I wanted or I could host it on other hosting and connect it to a static websites?

Matomo does not need to be on the same server as the website.

Oh okay. Thanks. I will tried it myself to test if I could get it working