Is it Possible to Filter Imported Data By Sub-domain or URL?

I’m trying to filter data that was originally imported from Google Universal Analytics by sub-domain or URL. Is that possible?

Details as follows.

We have a Drupal site with 800 sub-domains.

We currently capture the data across all 800 sub-domains using one Google Universal Analytics property and we use Google’s reporting API to extract data going back to Oct 2016 for client reports.

As you may know UA stops collecting data at the end of July 2023 and GA4 will only keep 14 months of data tops. So, in Aug 2022, we setup an On-Premise copy of Matomo and believe I have successfully imported over 7 years data from UA which we really need to keep using.

However, I can’t figure out how if I can filter the imported data by domain. If I request page views for all domains from the imported period the result set appears to be correct. Whereas, if I request a single domain I can only see 0 page views from the imported data and what appears to be correct data from the moment I setup Matomo.

The Matomo FAQs states “The importer only imports aggregated report data, not the raw visit and action data. This means the Visitor Log,
Ecommerce Log and Segmentation features will not work for imported reports.”

Does this mean I cannot filter imported data by sub-domain or URL?



Hi @brettsh
Unfortunately, Matomo cannot work on already aggregated data…
Maybe you can use some BI tools to work on them?