Is it possible to disable fingerprinting?

According to section 2 of this post on privacy and Matomo if Matomo can not use cookies, it will use fingerprinting.

Is it possible to disable fingerprinting?


Does anybody has an idea, how to disable the use of device fingerprinting in Matomo?


See Offering the possibility to disable the fingerprint feature · Issue #13655 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub and the linked issues.
This is one of the features planned for Matomo 4.

No! currently disabling the finger print is not an option in the current version of Matomo, developers are planing to give this as an option in the next update still the announcement is not totally final yet.

Just for an update:

A minimal version of this (making the fingerprint only valid for 30 minutes and impossible to identify a user after that) has already been developed and will be released even before Matomo 4 in 3.13.6: