Is it possible to deactive tracking from frontend

Dear Piwik Community,

I know that there is a plugin to disable tracking on server site just by setting a checkmark. Still, the piwik events are fired from the frontend, but not processed in backend.

Does anyone know a solution where it is possible to prevent the events to be fired from javascript code without going through the project code and removing any piwik related code?

Thanks for any replay in advance


I am also looking forward for this feature.

For the different environments we want to be as near as possble to production, so to execute full customized Matomo and Matomo client code, but not sending tracking requests requests all the time e.g. in certain automated tests, at the same time to allow users to store consent cookie for QA, so they dont need to accept it again and again.


The Matomo tracking code is just normal JavaScript. So if you don’t want to send tracking requests on the frontend, simply don’t call _paq.push(['trackPageView']); in these cases. (same for tracking events, etc.)