Is it possible to create different views in mamtomo?

hi guys,

Maybe a stupid question of me, but is it still not posiblle to have different views in one piwik implementation?

  1. Unfiltered data view
  2. Test View
  3. Offical View / Live View

Sorry if this question is not right!

Greetings tako


I am not sure I understand what you mean with “views”, but Matomo’s segments sound like what you want.

Well maybe i should rephrase it.

Is het possible with segments. to create environments?:

  • a working environment for the client (the data dashboards that the client will see)
  • a test environment to test certain configurations if they work (exclude certain ip’s for example)
  • a unfiltered environment with all the raw data before filters and any configurations?

Hope this clarify a bit? Thanks for your quick response btw!

Greetings tako


I think that should be possible. Segments are just filters that are applied to all reports in Matomo. The only thing is that I think it is not possible to let one user only view a specific segment.