Is it possible to add social networks?

I can see Pinterest traffic in other areas of Piwik, but it’s not showing up under social. Is it possible to add new ones, and if yes, how?

It’s possible. please create a pull request on piwik (add in core/DataFiles/Socials.php)

Matt I dont know how to create pull requests(happy to learn if there is some tutorial) but i thought this list might be of interest to people using piwik, here is a list of sites categorized as being social networks.

I’ve added (Added to list of social networks. · matomo-org/matomo@d57558c · GitHub). I’ll go through the list you posted and see what other networks we can add. I think not all of them are important, but we should have the most popular in there.

Ok i understand I was able to aggregate this list from Omniture’s Social network sites FYI.

For GIT contribution check out this guide:

Wow, and there it is now with this update. Thank you!