Is Google search query a paid option?

(wroot) #1

I have tried searching, but i’m not sure about this. When i check my detailed visits page i often see Google as the source without any other information. But with Bing it shows the actual search query that lead visitor to my site. If this is a paid option, then Bing should probably also not show up. Or maybe this is a bug/misconfiguration for Google queries?

(Lukas Winkler) #2


Google has stopped sending the exact Referrer when visiting your site from Google Search years ago.

So all that Matomo (and every other software) can detect is with no way to find out the search query.

Google shows a report about the search queries used to find your website on and you can use Search Engine Keywords Performance - Matomo Plugins Marketplace plugin to import this data (and the equivalent from Bing) into Google.