ipv6 statistics


now that we have working ipv6 support in piwik, it would be nice to add some statistics around this (maybe complementing the current provider & location or visitor settings stats). The absolute number (or percentage) of ipv6 vs ipv4 requests/visits.


That would be great - but I guess its still below 1% in average :-/.

It’s doable, but there are a tricky cases, e.g., when Apache is configured with --enable-v4-mapped (i.e., 32-bit ipv4 addresses are mapped as 128-bit ipv6 addresses).

Hi everyone! I would like to see the feature being discussed here implemented in Piwik. I believe I know enough about PHP and IPv6 so I could work on it. Could someone please point out to me where I should start working on this in Piwik? Can this be done as a Plugin? If so: Can you point me to an example plugin that provides a similar kind of functionality extending Piwik so I can get this started as quickly as possible?
Thanks, Philipp

Alright, so basically there already is a plugin providing the wanted functionality:
IntranetSubNetwork found in ticket #1054.

To make it more accessible and to adopt it to the needs of this thread, I created a repository for the plugin on Github:

It can distinguish between IPv6 and IPv4 addresses (and also takes care of IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses).