Ip to Organisation problem

I have a problem with the results of Providers (Org), they are misleading and Google Analytics outperforms Piwik. Which is bad because Im trying to get my company to implement Piwik fully and use b2b-leads through our Piwik.

I´ve got the following updated databases in my /misc folder: GeoIPCity.dat, GeoIPOrg.dat

In settings I have GeoIP (PhP) installed and everything is working. ISP providers turn into pretty Organization names. The only problem is that they are sometime misleading and Google Analytics outperforms the accuracy.

For example I did a lookup through whois.lacnic.net server on a ip that gave different results. It seems like Piwik returns the same string as “mnt-by: blabla” and Google Analytics returns the first possible “descr: Company name”.

So what do I want? I live in Sweden and to me it does´nt seem that maxmind ip to org is working. So is there any way to make it more accurate? Or a way to query the lacnic/ripe whois register? I am in desperate need of advice. Im way over my head here and googling doesnt make sense right now.

Maybe this is an issue with Maxmind provider database ?
try the tool at GeoIP2 Database Demo | MaxMind

what does it return?

It´s the same results. So the conclusion is: MaxMind´s database is not sufficient to what I want to accomplish. Both Google Analytics and info from whois is more accurate. So im working on a way to include whois register in the piwik results.

It might just be that the Maxmind database is not the way to go for Swedish relevance. :confused:

edit: repeated myself :slight_smile: