IP lookup via db-ip csv (for ISP/ORG) [answered]

I currently use MaxMind’s free country DB through the geoip pecl extension and I know there is an alternative to maxmind’s geoip as a plugin from IP2Location.

Is there an easy way to use db-ip.com’s CSVs imported into a mysql database or transformed into a geoip compatible format? Or do i have to write a custom plugin like IP2Location’s to integrate db-ip’s database for lookups?

I already purchased the “IP address to ISP” from here: IP geolocation database downloads

Apart from the above - is it possible to mix providers? E.g. using maxmind for country/city and ip2location (or hopefully db-ip) for ISP/ORG?

I ended up building a plugin for db-ip.com imported CSVs. Looking at IP2Location’s plugin as a reference made it really easy.