IP exclusion : detection via DynDNS


As almost everyone I think, I have a dynamic IP and it’s quite annoying to check our Piwik configuration to exclude our IP of the tracking of our website.

I’m using dyndns for other purposes, but I was wondering if it would be possible to use that kind of service to exclude automatically our IP from the tracking ?

Thanks in advance and pardon my english :confused:

See you.

You can use the cookie exclusion technique if your IP changes

I know the cookie method but it’s not really practical when you close your browser and you have configured it to erase all the cookies of the session :confused:

It’s possible, but will incur a tracker performance hit.

While we already do a reverse lookup for the IP address in the Provider plugin (so it’s essentially “free”), this typically returns the ISP’s hostname.

And last I checked, dyndns.org’s nameservers don’t respond to the reverse lookup directly.

See the related ticket: Exclude visits by hostname · Issue #2645 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

Thanls for your answer. I thought it could be done “easily”, the way ddclient (Linux) works.

That would be ddclient specific and assumes php can read the cache file in /etc.

I wrote a summary of all “exclude traffic by hostname”- related posts over at
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in that post, there’s also a solution mentioned using a shell-script.
So maybe add new posts there.