Ip adress


I use piwik in the latest version.

I can not log IP addresses as they are anonymous are represented.

in my data bank in the table piwik_log_visit, I can also recognize this condition.

in the file is already visit.php the entry ‘location_ip’ => $ userinfo [ ‘location_ip’], so I ask how I change the ip addresses correctly showing.

thank you …

IP addresses aren’t anonymized. These are simply being stored as integers. Use inet_ntoa() to get the dotted IP format.

hello thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately, I have no possibility to the IP addresses directly in the dashboard piwik returned.

I have all the major plugins activated but under the katagorie visitor, only the sites and the provider is displayed without the ip addresses.

because I wanted piwik centrally, it is also important for me to see the ip addresses.

I only have the possibility to record ip addresses than can be seen.

there are places e.g. as indicated:


how they see the IP addresses are completely useless.

I do not know what I should start with inet_ntoa.
I know that’s not out.

I must know so that I make in the dashboard or at least record the correct ip addresses see?

many thanks …