IP Address does not shown correct country details


I have seen problem with IP address and country detail. Country mostly shown as USA , but actual not from USA, I track ip manually. so there are some issues. can anyone help me out please.? is there any settings or something ? please help me out.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi there,

Please see: Geo Locate your visitors - Analytics Platform - Matomo


Good Morning Matt.

Thanks for reply me, I did try that before post my message, but there are some error comes while installing GeoIP(PECL).
Please see the attached file and tell me what to do with that.


Hiren Patel


Hi all!

I’ve exactly the same problems since some days as hirenp557
My error: “Piwik ne parvient à trouver aucune variable GeoIP $_SERVER.” (same error but in French)

I’ve checked the PECL configuration (as it works in PIWIK since months without any trouble!
geoip is correctly declared in PHP.INI, I’ve read again the doc given by Matt but everything is good…

HirenP, how did you solve this problem???

Thanks for your feedback!