IP Address & Country Correlation in Piwik

Hello all,

I am using Piwik for several years now, and I noticed that the country Piwik is listing does not correlate to the IP address it is registered in.

For example, someone visited a page with IP: 188.207.121.*
Piwik is showing a German flag for this visitor.

However, the IP address is given out in the Netherlands, according to RIPE.
inetnum -
descr KPN Mobile The Netherlands B.V.
descr Mobiel.NET/Internet Everywhere

This is just one example of many.
It happens with multiple country’s/continents: like Australia, Brazil, USA,

My question is: on which information is the country listing based?

At this moment Piwik shows information that more than 22% of the visitors isn’t sourced from the Netherlands.
While I expected that only 5% of the visitors or somewhat should be sourced from foreign country’s

PS: I always keep the Piwik updated.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Dominic

do you use: Geo Locate your visitors - Analytics Platform - Matomo ?