Invalidate the report after deleting old visitors statistics for a given website?

If I delete some old visitors statistics for a website. Does the cron archive will detect it and then re-do the archive ? Or do i have to indicate to invalidate the archive ?

You will be know it when you do it. Start the cron and see it. When no re-do is working, than invalidate the reports.

Hi @MrJibus
What is your goal?

  • If you want to delete raw data and keep reports, just delete raw data, and CRON won’t re proceed them.
  • If you just delete reports data, CRON won’t reprocess reports data until you invalidate archives. And if raw data were already removed, then CRON would reprocess data to reset them (then really do nothing as sum of zeros will stay zero)

I hope this answers your inquiry…

It does. Thank you @heurteph-ei