Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

I am trying to install piwik to but every time I run the install it get errors. Always the same errors and I have tried to install several times. Each time deleting all files and folders including the piwik folder on the root directory then navigating to The errors are as follows:
Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
in ‘/mnt/glusterfs/apache/hosting-dir/25240/38358/piwik/core/Config.php’ at the line 248

#0 Piwik_ErrorHandler(2, Invalid argument supplied for foreach(), /mnt/glusterfs/apache/hosting-dir/25240/38358/piwik/core/Config.php, 248, Array ([allSections] => Array ())) called at [/mnt/glusterfs/apache/hosting-dir/25240/38358/piwik/core/Config.php:248]
#1 Piwik_Config->cacheConfigArray() called at [/mnt/glusterfs/apache/hosting-dir/25240/38358/piwik/core/Config.php:292]
#2 Piwik_Config->__get(Plugins) called at [/mnt/glusterfs/apache/hosting-dir/25240/38358/piwik/core/FrontController.php:209]
#3 Piwik_FrontController->init() called at [/mnt/glusterfs/apache/hosting-dir/25240/38358/piwik/index.php:103]

just deleted all files and tried to install piwik 0.4.5
SAME results
ANY help is greatly appreciated

What version of php?

Can you make sure piwik/config/global.ini.php exists, is readable, intact, etc?

[quote=vipsoft @ Dec 26 2009, 03:11 PM]What version of php?

Can you make sure piwik/config/global.ini.php exists, is readable, intact, etc?[/quote]

PHP is version 5.2.6

piwik/config/global.ini.php seems to be fine.

Thanks. In 0.5.5, the Installer will now flag a missing parse_ini_file() as a critical error.

Is there a workaround for this? I am currently using phpmyvisites but it only gives me country level locating. we are a regional company and really need to get location information down to the city level. I have yet to figure out how to get phpmyvisites to do this. Another option would be if I could figure how phpmyvisites is storing the ip addresses in the database I can use another script to work out the city information based on the ip. But it doesn’t seem to store IP addresses in a normal format.
Thank you for your help so far. Any further help is GREATLY appreciated.

A workaround does not currently exist. I’m not even sure what the performance impact would be for a pure-PHP version of parse_ini_file vs the built-in function, especially when parse_ini_file() is also used by the tracker.

Ok. There is a workaround but the code is being held hostage…

Some quick factoids:

The pure PHP implementation is 1/3 the speed of the built-in function (56 ms vs 18 ms) – that includes I/O – and has a bigger memory footprint (62K vs 13K). This would obviously have an impact on tracker performance. (All measurements are approximate and may vary depending on your PHP version.)

Ok, having sorted out a licensing issue with some contributed code, the fix is now in svn.

I have a server with 5.3.0 with Piwik which works perfectly. Bu i also have a server using PHP 5.1.6 with Piwik 0.5.4 and have the same problem.

Is there any solution or workaround for it?

Gerhard: this was fixed shortly after the 0.5.4 release. It’ll be included in the next Piwik relese.