Introducing the Looker Studio Connector for Matomo - Elevate Your Analytics Experience

I am delighted to announce the launch of the Looker Studio Connector for Matomo, a significant milestone in our journey towards letting you own your data and connect it to your existing tools for better reporting & decision making.

What’s New?

This connector bridges Matomo and Looker Studio, providing a seamless way to export, visualise, and delve into your analytics data, reports, and KPIs within Looker Studio. While our Matomo Dashboards (more info here) are robust and versatile, integrating Matomo KPIs into Looker Studio offers additional benefits, especially if your team is already using Looker Studio internally.

Key Advantages:

  1. Simplified Integration: Easily connect your Matomo account with Looker Studio and start transforming your data into actionable insights.
  2. Customised and Enhanced Reporting: Combine the customisation of Looker Studio with our detailed analytics to create powerful, visually compelling reports. This fusion enables not just tailored reporting to your needs but also presents your data in an engaging, intuitive format.
  3. Real-time Data and Insights: Keep a pulse on your performance metrics with real-time updates, facilitating dynamic decision-making.

Getting Started:

To help you integrate this feature smoothly, we have prepared comprehensive guides and documentation, available on our website at

We Value Your Feedback:

Your experience and insights are invaluable to us. We encourage you to share your feedback on the Looker Studio Connector, helping us to continually evolve and tailor our services to your needs. Please create new forum posts here with any questions or feedback.

Thank you for being an integral part of our community. We are excited to see how this new connector enhances your experience with Matomo.

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Hey, we’ve been trying out the new native connector in Looker Studio for a while now and believe it’s quite good and complete.

However, one thing we sorely miss is the opportunity to use not only the “date” dimension but also aggregated time dimensions like “week” or “month” . In the Supermetrics connector we’ve been mainly using so far, these more nuanced date & time dimensions are available out-of-the-box. And they are really needed to create useful timeline charts over longer periods of time, for example (you normally would not want to see every single date in a chart showing the development of a metric over the past 6 months).


Hi @matthieu !!

This is a very welcomed feature and the one thing that was still missing to close the gap for the websites who abandoned Google Analytics.

Just one feedback that I feel is very important here: as a freelance consultant I manage and have admin access to a lot of different Matomo instances, both Cloud & On Premise.

Thing is: I can only authenticate one instance to my usual Google Account in the Looker Studio connector… and that’s a bummer because in order to use it for different instances/clients I’ll need to link it to different Google Accounts (created for the occasion, or client’s property).


So, an humble feature request that I feel as really useful for many other freelance & agencies in the digital analytics industry: the capability to add more than one Endpoint / Token in the setup.

That should make the management of more than one instance easy & practical.