IntranetGeoIP Plugin

I’m trying to use the IntranetGeoIP plugin, it is activated and the data file is modified for our intranet however it is still showing the US instead of Lebanon! any steps to check?

1- In Geolocation tab, GeoIP (PHP) is selected.
2- the plugin should work using both modes intranet and internet. i remove the unknown code in the data file.

Seems no body replies in this forum however i found the solution in case somebody else is having this problem.
after upgrading to the latest version automatically, seems the upgrade wasnt perform properly. running the below query on the database fixed the issue.
ALTER TABLE piwik_log_visit ADD location_provider VARCHAR( 100 ) NULL

Hi Haissam,
really really thanks for this, I’ve been struggling for many days to get this working! Awesome!
Have you also found the trick to fix old logs?

Hello! Thank you for your suggestion, @Haissam_Abdul_Malak!

I had the same issue, but it seems that adding ‘location_provider’ column to ‘piwik_log_visit’ table does not do the trick, because it has gone by itself on the next day, without adding the column =) It looks like Piwik somehow caches the visitor’s data and shows it for some period of time.

But ‘location_provider’ column is necessary to track provider’s data, i.e. your company name, which IntranetGeoIP plugin fills in ‘location_provider’ field in config/ script. For example, I use this field to track different branches of our company.

Also this column is created automatically when you enable ‘Provider (Core)’ plugin on Administration/System/Pluging page.

Have a nice day!

FANTASTIC! I activated the Provider (Core) plugin and it all started working.