Interpretation of Language and Country Codes

(Roddy A. Stegemann) #1

QUESTION ONE: I have noticed that Matomo language codes sometimes appear as two-characters and sometimes as two character pairs separated by a hyphen. When only two characters appear, how does one determine the country. For example, does en mean the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Nigeria, New Zealand?

QUESTION ONE: What code is used to determine the country on the world map used by Matomo?


(Lukas Winkler) #2


When you haven’t set up any geolocation, Matomo falls back to the default, very naive Location detection:

It maps Languages to Countries according to this list: (and is obviously an often incorrect guess)

My recommendation is to setup GeoIP to get proper location results.

(Naser Aslam) #3

When two characters appear it means matomo was not able to detect country. To improve the location detection, use geoIP 2 PHP(Recomended) or geoIP 2 Apache.
For using gepIP plugin go to matomo server-> administrator -> System -> Geolocation