Internal Server Error after Upgrade to 3.0

After upgrading to 3.0, i got a 500 error on several requests. Error log:

[alert] [client ip] /path/plugins/.htaccess: Options not allowed here, referer:

In aforementioned file, the last line reads

Options -Indexes

Commenting it out solves the issue, but, as stated in the file, the .htaccess is autogenerated by piwik and so it is no long term solution. what can i do to make sure future updates do not crash my installation?

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Hello @hans-spiess
Can you please create bug report @ Issues · piwik/piwik · GitHub and we will investigate a fix for the future version to prevent this problem.
Thanks for this!

In my case, I had to remove the Options -Indexes line to get piwik 3.0 to work (after upgrade)

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Had the same problem and reinstalled three times after i came up with your solution. Thanks and hope this will be fixed in the next update.


can you please upgrade to 3.0.1-b1 where this should be fixed?

Hi @all, @matthieu,

i’ve added some comments to the issue at

and i’ve explained how you could change your vhost configuration to solve this issue.

Kind regards,