Internal Server Error 500


all of a sudden my PIWIK stopped working with an “Internal Server Error 500” and I don’t know why. Honestly, I haven’t changed anything.

My last version was 1.something and a few day ago PIWIK reminded me to update top verson 1.1.1, which I did not. Sometimes it’s more secure to wait a little bit :wink:

Is it possible I ran into a hacker attack?

How can I update to version 1.1.1, eliminate this error and make my beloved PIWIK work again?

I appreciate any reply, link or documentation.

Thanks in advance.


Check the web server’s error.log.

Check the owner of the files in /tmp/cache/tracker

You can ssh to your server, then cd /tmp/cache/tracker and finally do a ls -lt&

Thx to vipsoft and terrymason.

@vipsoft: I’ve had checked the log file. The only entry ‘prematured end of script…’

So I renamed the directory, made a new installation with the old database in a new directory with the orginal name. After that Piwik wanted to upgrade the database and everything was fine again.

I suppose there had been a harddisk sector error because the original directory couldn’t be backed up (tar or whatever).

Thx again.