Internal referrer search engine using angular


Our intranet has a search feature which we are trying to integrate as a custom Search Engine for the referrer report, see sample url/code below.

I believe the reason the code below is not working is because the query URL contains a #.

Are #tags (and everything after) automatically being removed from all referrer URLs?
I have enabled Page URL fragments tracking so I presumed that this would enable tracking of the full url for Referrers also?
Any ideas on how to achieve this?

Sample search url!&page=1&tab=1&query=xxxxxx

Line added to Search Engines Data file’ => array(‘IntranetSearch’, ‘query’, ‘search/simple.htm#!&page=1&tab=1&query={k}’),

please see this: tracking page URLs like!/file should keep url fragment · Issue #6718 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub and comment there

Hi my name is Arthur Zinger,
I’m currently working for SHADOW.COM this website is using angular-js and is in fact a search-engine itself. I’m not sure if this is the right forum or not, but what would be the way you recommend to use the benefits of PIKWIK for this product?
Thanks in advance

Hi there,

Sure there are many benefits to using Piwik to track search engines type websites. Check out List of Features in Piwik Analytics - Analytics Platform - Matomo and Site Search Tracking and Reporting - Analytics Platform - Matomo