Internal Intranet Site

Hi everyone,

We have an internal intranet that we would like to track. I have it set up now and it’s tracking but it’s not tracking anything beyond the index.html.

So say our structure looks like:


If users are going to /other/other.html… it’s only tracking index.html.

So all hits end being /index.html 1842 ect…

Any suggestions?


Hi just starting to look at the basic here, did you apply piwik code to all pages?

The code is it in each file or is it being added via an include?

You didnt filter out an IPs to not be tracked in your admin menu?

The code isn’t in every file as I thought the code includes everything in the root of the domain. No, it is tracking visitors, just only on the index.html in the root.

Ok just so you know for a website any analytics program, piwik, Google, omniture needs the code on all pages of the website(assuming you want to track everything).

I would add it to those other pages and see after a day or so how things look.