Integrating with Visual Basic

I am thinking about picking Visual Basic .NET back up and toying around with it. But If I do, I would like some way to integrate PIWIK into my Visual Basic apps like a lot of people do with Google Analytics.

However, I cannot really find any resources on this. Does anyone around know of any good resources on this?


Unfortunately it seems there is not yet a Visual Basic tracking client to easily send data to Piwik in visual basic.

See the list of other integrations at Integrations - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Maybe someone will consider building this tool! it would be great and we would gladly add it to the page Integrations - Analytics Platform - Matomo

I had forgotten about that page. I would love to see this added to that and I ham a huge fan to PIWIK and would love to help out but it unfortunately is out of my abilities to create something like that.