Integrating Piwik seamlessly to a web app

(vnese) #1


I have a web app that allows users to create their own blog under a subdomain name, pretty much similar to And i have an intention of integrating piwik as a tool to show statistics to the users.

My app has a separate user system which means it has its own username, password, email… fields from a database table. And the question is: Is there any way to sync between the users table, or is there any way to tell Piwik to use my user table? And if there isnt, is there any way to force the users to log in Piwik after they log in to my app ?

Kudos to the team for a great product

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

See the API for addUser, addWebsites, etc.…;date=yesterday

You will have to call the API to create a website and a user for each of your users.

And see the FAQ to automatically log users in Piwik: