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Hi Everyone,

I am looking at the IP tracking of Piwik and i can see that it shows me live activity reporting and I know Piwik does not have a core development for online chat BUT i was wondering if anyone here knows how a person would go about using an online chat application that integrates into a rel time piwik reporting?

I am not really looking for a list of general online chat apps, I mostly wonder if anyone knows the general concept of how a person would integerate from one type of environment to another??

Or even major bonus, anyone who already has???

thank you

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Use the js tracking or PiwikTracker to track the user.

The planned re-tracker feature which measures time spent on a page could be used to monitor the length of time spent in chat.


I see that a tracking code can be inserted into the pages, but how do you interface the data “live active traffic” data with a chat application?

In short… I see someone on page 5 of my site this very second, how would I talk to them?

You know " Hello visitor, I see you are on page 5, how wonderful, I love page 5, its almost as great as page 6 but I’m getting ahead of myself"

that type of stuff.

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Interesting. For Piwik, I would think all we need to do is add a hook in the Live widget that allows plugins to insert their own code, e.g., a button to open a chat session, perform a whois, pull up the visitor’s visit history, etc.


Now thats what im talking about!

I create websites for real estate agents and they are all about conversion, my goal is to consistently create more successful methods of lead capture through their websites.

I already implement live chat on their websites that sync to their iphones/android to capture instant lead info through live chat but when I show them their analytics and they see the live traffic reporting, Its kind of like putting a little kid behind a thick glass wall where a giant free candy store is on the other side… he cant get to the candy, even though he sees it happening.

So how can we get to that candy?

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The fastest route is for you to add a button in the Live widget and wire it up to your chat app.

The corresponding Smarty template is piwik/plugins/Live/templates/lastVisits.tpl

In the meantime, we’ll add this to the list of proposed Live improvements.


We are glad to share that we have managed to integrate Piwiki Live Widget with our Chat app, and so far it works really good. Let me know if someone is interested to know more info about it. Core stack is XMPP server + Piwik + Live Widget + Ajax Push Engine, it works like a Charm.


I am using Live2Support on website which gives me details of website visitors (IP address, Geo location, visitor’s name etc), chat sessions, referral website, keywords. Whole informations at a glance. I can initiate real time chat with website visitors with the help of Live2Support’s live chat application.

You can try Live2Support on any website.


Hi All,

This is exactly the same scenario I face with a client.

We can see live data visits and know which products they are looking at, but have no way to communicate with them to say “We are here to help if you need it” type of response.

Seeing visitors come, browse then go without knowing if they missed a potential sales lead because they can’t interact with them is the same scenario.


From last 8 months I’m using eAssistance Pro live chat software on my website.


Check out Inside! I accidentally came across inside, and after looking through their site, it morphs a business website into a virtual storefront so business personnel can see and help their site visitors in real-time using chat.


Hey Zoey,

Just signed up to try but the demo just did not work, I am waiting to speak to someone there as it is a fail if the demo does not work.

The one thing I notice, is you have to have supported store software in use and they do not support Joomla at this time.


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I am using LiveAdmins Live chat solution in my website. They provide me complete detail about user IP, Geo location and source plus tracking info.