Installing second instance of piwik on same domain

Hi there,

I have installed Matomo on a subdomain - This works fine. I needed a second instance of Matomo for another site, so I thought I install this on But now the first instance gives me a warning that it discovers files that shouldn’t be there, the files under ‘books’ …

I assume it is not possible what I did. Is in possible to install 2 instances of Piwik on the same domain?

I would use virtual hosts instead of installing it in a subdirectory under the Matomo installation.

This way the actual installation folder could be /var/www/matomo1 and /var/www/matomo2

Then you could have

You could also use virtualhosts to place the second site under, where the actual folder was /var/www/matomo2. That way the first piwik install wouldn’t know about the second.

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Hi Fatica,
Thanks for the solution. I’m gonna ask this to do this by my collegues that are a bit more technical than I am.

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