Installing Piwik on Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu,etc. and RHEL/CentOS


I am gathering information and cleaning up documentation describing installation of Piwik using Debian GNU/Linux or RHEL/CentOS.

I’ll be sharing links I find here, please post any public resources you would want to share.

Debian GNU/Linux and derivatives (Ubuntu, Trisquel, etc.)
[li] Piwik Debian documentation
[/li][li] Piwik package repository for debian based distributions
[/li][li] Install Piwik web analytics tool on Debian 2014-05 (Debian 6 and 7)

[li] Piwik on CentOS 5 - 2014-01 (a Linode guide)
[/li][li] How to Install and Configure Piwik on CentOS 6.2 - 2012-07

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