Installing Matomo for Joomla 4. What recommend?


I wonder if you have a Joomla 4 plugin with similiar Joomla Matomo info pages like Wordpress pages ( )?

Joomla 4.0.4 version perform very well and I would prefere using Matomo instead of Google analytics too. Joomla have million of users so that would be good for them to use Matomo as well…

What you recommend?

Question: Is Matomo also compatible with php 8.0? As I use Joomla that use Bootstrap 5 and also run php 8.0.11 I wonder if Matomo also support php 8?


There is no official plugin to connect Joomla to Matomo, but lists a few unofficial ones, so check them out.

And yes, Matomo does support PHP 8.0

Hi I find this great plugin for Joomla 4SEO that also integrate with Matomo + SEO as well. Dont know which one to go for but would be great if someone share input on this.


Pls share if you have any Joomla experience with Matomo too