Installing GeoIP for normal people


I installed Piwik today and everything seems to be working except the real time map. I read i need to install GeoIP PECL but the how-to makes absolutely no sense to me. Is there a step by step somewhere written for normal people?

I use a self-hosted wordpress blog on a shared server.


You can install any of the GeoIP methods you want, each have pluses and minuses.

Honestly the steps for each one are about as basic as they can be already. If you are not familiar with the command line or how to use a package manager I would recomend learning the OS you are being hosted on and if you do not have shell access you will have to find out what your host provides.

Piwik offers paid support as well

I suggest using the method described here which I find a lot easier: How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Just download the database, upload it to the specified directory (provided you have FTP access), rename a file, change the settings in Piwik, and you’re good to go.