Installed Piwik with bitnami and use cloudflare


I have installed Piwik on Azure with bitnami. All visitors get the ip from cloudflare, not their own ip.
I have read this: How do I configure Piwik when the server is installed behind a proxy? - Analytics Platform - Matomo but i cant fint the file, config/config.ini.php. I look in apps/piwik folder, but cant find any config folder. I have a bnconfig and a conf folder in the piwik folder.
Where can i find this file?

Hi there,
I’m not familiar how Piwik on Azure with Bitnami works. What are the files stored in config and bnconfig folders?


bnconfig was, "The Bitnami Configuration Tool is a command line tool that allows you to configure your application once it is installed. "

in conf-folder i found, banner.conf, htaccess.conf,, httpd-vhosts.conf,
certs(folder), httpd-app.conf, httpd-prefix.conf, php-fpm(folder).

I found that file :slight_smile: