Installed Piwik but have zero visits?

I have installed Piwik for an ecommerce site in Prestashop and the Piwik doesn’t pick up any traffic data, I still have zero visitors - although I know a few friends of mine have visited the pages since I installed Piwik. Could I have entered a wrong Database Server (MySQL) or etc - I used the same one that was used for the shop itself.

A few minutes after I wrote this question, I went through the ‘Settings’ and found something that says I need to install:

“Standard JavaScript Tracking code
Copy and paste the following code in all the pages you want to track with Piwik.
In most websites, blogs, CMS, etc. you can edit your website templates and add this code in a “footer” file.
Here is the JavaScript Tracking code to include on all your pages, just before the tag.”

Like I said I have an ecommerce website with over 500 pages and the pages are generated by Prestashop. How can I make Piwik work for my website? And how to add this JavaScript Tracking Code to my pages, if I do need to?


I have solved the problem!!!

Uploaded Piwik Module [].


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