after download , unzipped and copy on the web server (with Binary) papers following msg:
The configuration file {/www/htdocs/w012993e/} has not been found or could not be read.
this file don’t exist in the unzipped folder ???

Did you set the permissions properly before you launched Piwik for the first time?

You should set the permissions of everything, directories and files, to 755, except directories /tmp and /config and their contents, which need 777.

After Piwik has been configured, you can set directory /config back to 755. Piwik needs to create the config.ini.php file, using global.ini.php as a starting point. It can’t do that if the /config directory doesn’t have 777 rights to start.

Thats it.
For me as a newbie I suggest to discribe this requirements better in the installation guide. Thanks