Installation process not really starting


My second Piwik installation (switched to analytics some years ago and thought I give the 2.x version a try because it looks very promising)…

After installing Piwik following the documentation it was not able to find the database when I went to whatever/index.php. Not really a surprise, because there is no step to define it :wink:
Found a config file (config/global.ini-pho) and set the data to connect to the MySql server (database checked from the piwik server - working, user can create tables, …).

Now it can find the database, but I get a

SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'piwik.option' doesn't exist

error. So - how can I populate the database? As I created it before going to my site/index.php it is empty :slight_smile:

any help is greatly appreciated…

Kind regards, Anton

Delete the database, and try again, see also: Installing Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Thank you for your answer!

I already followed this hint (found it in the forum a couple of times), does not change anything :frowning:

The docs are not so detailed, minimum system requirements are met:
[li] nginx/0.7.67
[/li][li] PHP 5.3.3-7+squeeze18
[/li][li] MySQL 5.5.30-1.1
[/li][li] PHP pdo installed and enabled
[/li][li] PHP pdo_mysql installed and enabled
[/li][li] PHP gd installed and enabled
[/li][li] MySql user and database created, access possible, modified config file