Installation of Update 3.0 fails

Why did you release the Version 3.0 in such an unprofessional state?
Dozens of entrys just here in the forum.

Lots of helpless people and no real help in the forum - just stupid return questions (tenor: “wuah… I never heard about, that there is a problem with version 3.0 - it must be your fault”).

Don’t you use any quality management procedure?
Or (simply) did you at least once ask yourself: What can go wrong during the upgrade?

Don’t think so…

…very sad, because the idea of Piwik was good (once).

Thanks for your feedback. We had a beta cycle for like 5 months in which more than 1,000 users participated. You don’t know what you’re talking about I’m afraid :slight_smile: Piwik 3.0 works well on dozens thousands of servers, and has issues in a few (most issues already fixed with 3.0.1 which is now in beta and will be shortly released in stable).