Installation not detecting mysqli or pdo_mysql in gentoo linux

(mieses) #1

At step 2 of the installation, System Check reports that the PDO Extension is installed (green check mark) and then reports that “Piwik requires either the mysqli extension or both the PDO and pdo_mysql extensions.” All other system checks appear to pass.

PHP 5.2.12 is compiled with ‘–with-mysqli=/usr/bin/mysql_config’ and ‘–with-pdo-mysql=/usr’. I am trying to install Piwik on a current gentoo (x86) server. It passes the simple test suggested by vipsoft.

My phpinfo() is attached.

(vipsoft) #2

Do you have core/Db/Mysqli.php and core/Db/Pdo/Mysql.php ?

(mieses) #3

Yes, I have both files. Piwik 0.5.5 is extracted to /piwik.

I do not have, or anywhere on the system. So I am not able to set the recommended lines in php.ini. Do I need those files or are the extensions provided in another way?

(vipsoft) #4

Odd. If I read your phpinfo.txt correctly, you have both mysqli and pdo_mysql extensions loaded.

All I can suggest is adding some debug messages to core/Db.php to see how exactly getAdapters() is failing on your system.

(mieses) #5

glob() is not working. I will look into it further.

(mieses) #6

glob() exists and is callable, but returns empty arrays when called through apache. glob() works properly when called from command line using the same php.ini, either as root or as apache user.

I’m using PHP version 5.2.12, which is supposed to support glob(). PHP safe mode is not enabled. phpinfo() does not report any disabled functions. I don’t know PHP internals to debug further. I will test with PHP 5.2.13. The gentoo USE flags (compile-time options, essentially) related to dev-lang/php do not seem to be relevant. http:// (the forum config prevents linking to external sites so remove the space).