Installation Issue


Today I tried to install Piwik to one of my domains and I had to cancel the installation due to some issues I didn’t understand.

I am on BlueHost and used Simple scripts and after clicking on the Install button I got the following message:

[i]Overwrite Warning, Please Confirm
It looks like there are some conflicting files in the directory you have chosen. If you choose to continue, conflicting files will be overwritten, which will destroy the original contents of those files.

[11 Mar 00:10] Overwrite Warning on Files: index.php, robots.txt[/i]

So I canceled the installation because I don’t know what would happen if those files were overwritten.

I have installed Wordpress and Joomla previously with Simplescripts on Bluehost and I never had such a warning message.

Can someone advice what I could do to proceed safely with the Piwik installation?

(vipsoft) #2

If you use the simplescript installer, you should probably install Piwik in a subdomain. It looks like it’s going to overwrite existing files on your website.

Alternately, install Piwik manually – this will give you the flexibility to install Piwik into a subdirectory.


Thanks for your reply, I will try what you say, if I can manage :slight_smile: