Installation issue - no records being saved


I have used Piwik on several websites in the past and never had any problem to install and configure it. The documentation is simple and easy to follow.

However, I have just created a new one based on the CMS CMS Made Simple and this is a problem.

Requirements OK
Database and table creation OK

The installation wizard went fast with success everywhere.

I could install the script at the bottom of every page before the as suggested in the documentation Installing Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo .

Several visits were generated from different network. However, I try to open the dashboard, it displays 0 visit. I have checked the settings and asked the dashboard to display visits by month, and still getting 0. Made a few visits from my office and my home, still getting 0.

The website is

I am bit lost and do not know how to troubleshoot it.
The rights on the /piwik/tmp folder are rwxr-xr-x.
The installation does say that Piwik will write in that folder.

Could it be the reason?

Thank you for your help.


Have given write permission to the /piwik/tmp folder and subfolders, but same problem.