Installation Error while generating "JavaScript Tracking Code" on IIS server

I configured Piwik on IIS 7.5, while completing the installation I get error on Step 7 - “JavaScript Tracking Code”.

**Error below : **

To run Piwik you need at least PHP version 5.5.9

Unfortunately it seems your webserver is using PHP version 5.4.45.

Please try to update your PHP version, Piwik is really worth it! Nowadays most web hosts support PHP 5.5.9.

On step 7, it seems the request goes to PHP v5.4 instead of PHP v5.6. Since Piwik works with ver 5.5 above, the piwik site stops working and gives this error.

The installation steps 1 to 6 goes very smooth, after entering the first website details, the step 7 generates the error. In IIS, a new handler is added automatically of PHP ver5.4. How can i stop this to happen.

Can anyone help?

I’m struggling to resolve this issue. I need to get the integration completed else stop using Piwik and find another web analytic solution.

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Hi ,

How you have installed PHP on IIS ?

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Hi Saqib,

I used Web Platform Installer, it has options to install Piwik and required software - MySQL and all versions of PHP.

Download WPI - msi package from Microsoft site and start installation.


First uninstall all PHP versions and then try to install latest php like this :

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