Installation (error:The configuration file {D:\HanMosaic\analytics/config/config.ini.php} has not been found or could not be read.)


I am new to piwik and want to use it to analyse our site.

I am using Windows2012 server, Tomcat 8 with Quercus (to support PHP) , MySQL 5.6.

After copying all required files to the folder under our site, I get error (as stated in the title), i.e. cannot start installation.

I tried all the methods suggest in the forum, but cannot solve.

Then I tried to create the config.ini.php with basic parameters like, host, username, password, dbname for database.

And it seems piwik can get into the database and return error: SQLSTATE[42S02]: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Table ‘piwikdb.piwik_option’ doesn’t exist.

With the configuration I have, anything I have to add? And can the DB tables be build manually or with MySQL SQL script, so as to by-pass the installation process?

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Can you try to set permissions Read+Write+execute to the piwik/tmp/ folder?


Thanks for the suggestion! But It does not help!

I even set the permissions Read+Write+execute for the whole folder!


My server requires the following procedure to get Piwik working properly:

  1. Using WinZip, unzip the downloaded file on the local PC
  2. Using FileZilla, upload the piwik directory and all its contents from the local PC to a subdirectory in the server’s web space
  3. Using FileZilla, set the permissions of everything just uploaded to the server to 755
  4. Using FileZilla, set the permissions of the directories /config and /tmp on the server, and all their contents, to 777
  5. Launch Piwik and set the configurations as required.
  6. When the Piwik configuration is stable, use FileZilla to set the permissions of the /config directory and its contents to 755.

In your case, delete the config.ini.php file you created manually. I believe your problem is caused by incorrect permissions on the /config directory. Piwik should use the global.ini.php file as a starter to create the config.ini.php file, but it can’t do that if you haven’t set the permissions properly.

When I upgrade from an earlier version, the procedure is almost the same. The only difference is that the config.ini.php file from the earlier version is copied to the upgraded installation before launching the new version. I never copy a new Piwik version over an existing older version – It’s always copied to a fresh directory, and after the copy is done and permissions set, directory names are changed. This minimizes down time.


I’m having the same issue. I’ve tried canajun2eh’s solution, but it’s still not working. In my case, Piwik will pin for a while before giving me a 500 error. Piwik also does not throw any errors in the log files.


Thanks for the suggestions.

I tried other “open source, PHP” web analytic platforms. I got one with “NULL Pointer error” and one “setup OK but cannot login again” even tough I had all the tables and admin login stored in MySQL.

Once again, I am using Windows 2012 server, Tomcat 8 with Quercus (to support PHP) , MySQL 5.6, as my website is written in JSP/JAVA. I think the PHP support by Quercus is not enough to support those platforms. Also, I checked JAVA/PHP bridge that also does not do well.

So, is there any other suggestion for doing web analytic in web site with JSP/JAVA besides Google and Yahoo, those need to have data send to them?

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You can maybe use one of the one-click installs of Piwik at: Cloud-Hosted Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo


Thanks for all involved in the problem!

We discussed for sometime and finally worked out with a solution.

We configured IIS with standard PHP to co-exist with Tomcat. i.e. left the Tomcat server (8080) for JSP and use IIS (80) with standard PHP for Piwik.

Of course, you can have other http server with standard PHP for Piwik.