Install / setup help - hit wall setting up Log Analytics - please help (Windows 7 - IIS)

Hello, hitting a wall on getting Piwik to read log files. Including install steps on bottom with notes bottom of this post.

Our goal is to download log files from our web server and use Piwik on a computer installed on a machine on our local network (not using javascript tracking). That machine is Window 7 Pro with IIS 6.1. We have been able to install Piwik but cannot get it to read files.

Opening windows command line (running as administrator):

c:\www\piwik\misc\log-analytics> --url= c:\Logs\u_ex170101.log

Localhost - web server logs show:

2017-01-25 17:40:56 POST /piwik/ - 80 - Piwik/LogImport 404 0 0 2653
2017-01-25 17:41:06 POST /piwik/ - 80 - Piwik/LogImport 404 0 0 6
2017-01-25 17:41:16 POST /piwik/ - 80 - Piwik/LogImport 404 0 0 8

From other forum help posts I made sure index.php is a default document that is recognized and opens.

— Steps taken to install
install piwik
requires setup of super user
download geolite database from MaxMind
setup geolocation → Settings → Geolocation
there is link there to download
you will need a program that can unzip .gz files
it should unzip a GeoLiteCity.dat file
put that file in misc subdirector on your piwik install
refresh setup geolocation → Settings → Geolocation
select GeoIP (Php) as Location provider

need to get python environmental variables setup
open control panel → System and Security → System → Environmental Variables
New System Variable enter “python” “C:\Python27” (or wherever python is installed)

set default doc in IIS to index.php
restart webserver