Install Question


First off let me say this really is a good piece of software and i see lots of good things ahead.

Alright this is my problem currently I am using a cms named e107 and tryed inserting the js code but i got a huge line of linked jabber.

I did notice that you mentioned inserting the js code into a general footer file at the bottom of your pages could you explain this to me please ?


I’m not familiar with that one.

Basically, with the pre-0.4.0 piwik.js, we recommend the tracking code be inserted just before the closing tag. This would generally correspond to the page footer.

So your saying it has to be inserted near the bottom of the page just before the ending tag it cannot be inserted into a file by itself.

You may want to ask your CMS developers as it depends on your CMS. If the CMS uses/implements some form of templating engine, it is possible that the “footer” is an existing file included when generating the page.

You could put it into a separate .js file but that adds to the page load time and takes up an extra inode. Inline is the recommended method and is the convention used.

In piwik 0.4.0, the placement of the tracking code won’t be as rigid.