Install prompts need a small change

I’ve just come from re-installing Piwik (successfully this time) and nearly tripped on an ambiguous instruction during install. Toward the end, there’s a step to “start new web site” (or similar). This sounded to me like “establish a new url for piwik’s use.”

That didn’t make any sense, so I gave it the url of my web site that I wanted it to track. Which turned out to be right. But there was an uncomfortable moment when I thought, “Ack! What if it overwrites my web site!?”

The wording in the long form instructions on piwik’s web site would be better: “Enter the name and URL of the first website you want to track.”

Other than that one small glitch, the process was very clear and smooth.

Thanks for the report, I added a message in the install to make it more clear.