Install piwik code in mass

So I have around 1,500 websites that I would like to put tracking on. I’ve been using Woopra for a few of my sites and I like how they have one block of code that never has to change for every site, I could implement that on a global scale.

Has anybody developed anything for piwik like that?

Google analytics code has to be changed per website, I’d like to not have to change the code if at all possible.

Someone did. It’s not a core feature though because a url may be associated with multiple site ids.

You’ll need to write a plugin that hooks on ‘Tracker.setRequest.idSite’ and calls SitesManager.getSitesIdFromSiteUrl to return an idsite (overriding whatever idsite was sent by the javascript tracking code).

Definitely doable, as a Piwik plugin. Please contact Piwik consultants if you need help implementing this!