Install Piwik alongside Google Analytics (for testing)


I was wondering if it was possible to use the Piwik tracking code on a website that already uses Google Analytics. Are there any conflicts? Or maybe a big JS performance hit?

I’d like to try Piwik out on a personal website (small informative website, with around 300 visits a day says GA) for a while.

This should be no problem. I did not test this with GA, but I used Piwik and another analytics software for testing without problems.

But you will see, that the visitor counts and other things ar slightly different between two analytics tools (and you don´t know which one is right style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif )

Riccardo Ferducci - my site[/size]

After reading on that they had installed six tracking JS tags (for six services) on a test website, i decided to go for it and test Google Analytics (already there), Piwik, W3Counter and Clicky. The pages don’t seem to have slowed down considerably. I’ll probably do some comparisons once i have one week worth of data.

The Piwik tracker code that you cut & paste, has a static tracker image for JavaScript-disabled clients (between the … tags). That means all things being equal, Piwik should count more visits than GA.

However, depending on the ordering and respective load time for each analytics platform, you may have undercounting due to the user clicking away from your page before the page has sufficiently loaded for the tracking code to execute.