Install of Matomo on OctoberCMS/Laravel

I am new to Matomo and am trying to simply install it on the same server as my website. I’m running an Ubuntu 20.04.1 server and am using the default web root /var/www/html. When I download matomo to the folder using wget, I have matomo is now in the web root (e.g. /var/www/html/matomo exists and is populated with reasonable content). However, I can not find/access the page “mysite”.com/matomo. Is there something particular I need to do for the install with Laravel/OctoberCMS?



Matomo has nothing to do with your Laravel or CMS.
You just need to set it up in your webserver like any other website.
One nice way to separate it would be e.g. to create a new subdomain, creeate a SSL certificate for it and then point it to the directory where you put Matomo (and set up PHP for it if you haven’t)